Hi, Brandon Carrero here. And thank you for watching my latest version of Did, you know? Did you know, that you can buy with a no-income mortgage on your primary, second home, and investment property?

Our mortgage products are amazing and we’re the home of the no-income mortgage. I’m absolutely pleased as the chief executive officer to bring this innovative product to the marketplace.

So if you’re not working with us, you should be, if your mortgage banker doesn’t offer it, we do, so it’s time that you have a mortgage product that absolutely helps you get more deals in this market.

This program qualifies retirees self-employed borrowers, and homeowners looking to cash.

This product is amazing. It’s a game-changer and it just came at the right time.

Again, a little bit about me, Brandon Carrero, featured in the top 100 of Real Estate, and I’m just pleased and honored to be bringing this innovative product to you because you know what? When partnerships win, we win together and I’m honored to be your mortgage advisor.

Thank you. God bless you.